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US Bank chances?

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US Bank chances?

Looking for some advice from people with experience with US Bank.

I‘ve been thinking about applying for the Fidelity Visa for some time, as I have several accounts with Fidelity with a nice sum among them. US Bank underwrites the card.

I have no current relationship with US Bank, but had a secured card with them that I closed about 4 years ago with a $0 balance.

I have several cards now with Amex, Barclay, Citi, and Capital One. I PIF monthly and my current score according to Amex is right around 700.

I‘ve checked the US Bank prequal site numerous times in the past couple years but never got any hits. Now, however, it‘s showing me as prequalified for the Cash+ Visa Signature and the Cash 365 cards, with 0% APR for 12 months and 20% thereafter.

I‘m thinking this is a good sign for an approval for the Fidelity card, especially given the assets that US Bank could see (?) I have at Fidelity as part of the application.

If anyone with experience with US Bank and/or the Fidelity card specifically has any insights, I‘d be grateful!
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Re: US Bank chances?

Technically the Fidelity card is issued by Elan Financial Services, which is currently a unit of USBank (and for which they are seeking a buyer).  


If you're getting prequals with fixed interest rates on USBank cards I think your odds are good, but don't make assumptions about the amount of assets you hold at Fidelity influencing the decision-making process.


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Re: US Bank chances?

I thought US Bank was only selling part of Elan, which Fiserv picked up?

Anyway, thanks for the insight. I‘m leaning toward giving it a go and will update with the outcome.
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