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Uber VISA (Denial) Recon? Is 3 too much?

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Uber VISA (Denial) Recon? Is 3 too much?

Pulled TransUnion 680, declined due to too many new accounts, 7 within 6 months. Oldest account is 13 months AAOA = 4 months, had 4 HP (TransUnion) also no lates. Called for recon twice and was told wait 6 months with no more new accounts. Also utilization was 5%.  I was thinking of calling again to try and ask if even possible for a $500 CL (Would be my lowest). Most of my cards are at $5,000- $1,000 (Chase, AMEX, US Bank) I was curious on calling for Recon (3rd time) would 3 be good enough to call it quits and also if within 30 days of app shouldn't result in HP?  

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Re: Uber VISA (Denial) Recon? Is 3 too much?

Unfortunately, it's unlikely that they'll overturn the decision based on the factors they've discussed with you.

Keep in mind that they typically tend to place notes on the application, so the next time you call it's likely they'll repeat the same response.
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Re: Uber VISA (Denial) Recon? Is 3 too much?

Last year, Barclays declined me. I was 5/12. Oldest account 16 years, AAoA 6 years. 750 FICO.


They're just a jealous one. Given that you have so many new accounts I'd wait at least a year. My philosophy is I'm not going to fight to make them want me. Their loss. 

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Re: Uber VISA (Denial) Recon? Is 3 too much?

Too many new accounts. 


If you really want an Uber, call them again and explain how much you want the card and would have applied for it first if you knew all the advantages it has.  $500 will get you started.  Can't hurt.




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Re: Uber VISA (Denial) Recon? Is 3 too much?

I wouldn't really recommend calling again. I think it is just generally a waste of your time. Once you hear the "too many new accounts" denial from Barclay, it is very, very hard if not impossible to get it overturned. Beyond that, they keep notes on all recon calls, so by the 3rd attempt you'll just have someone reading you off the notes and repeating the same response. It's unlikely they will even really look into it, because there's no point - a decision has already been made. Begging for a tiny starting limit is unlikely to make any difference because they just don't want to extend the new account.


I'd just let this one go and heed the advice they gave you. Try again in six months. Their approval algorithim doesn't like new accounts, and there isn't much way around it.

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Re: Uber VISA (Denial) Recon? Is 3 too much?

It sounds like they’ve already made their decision. Wouldn’t it be better to get approved in 6 months with a higher SL than to try to get in with a low one? It’s the reason I’m in the garden. It’s hard to really do anything with a $500 limit (believe me, I know!). Trust me, I know the excitement and anticipation of a new card, but if waiting a little longer means getting what you want, it’s so worth the wait.

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Re: Uber VISA (Denial) Recon? Is 3 too much?

I would not do it for a few reasons:


1. They've given you both a reason and advice for how you can improve your chances. If you choose not to take their advice, I don't see them overturning their decision. I mean, if you imagine this as a back and forth dialogue, what you are asking for is basically:


Bank: I have ABC problems with your current profile, so you should do XYZ to improve your chances.

You: How about I don't do XYZ and you approve me anyway? 


I can't imagine that it would get you anywhere and 2 recon attempts bear that out. 


2. It's really not a huge ask to wait 6 months without a new app. In fact, of all the things people recommend to improve your chances for new credit, this is probably one of the easiest to do in terms of effort expended. They aren't asking you to come up with money to pay down existing balances or to close or consolidate existing credit lines. You literally have to do...nothing. 


3. I would hesitate on reconning for a $500 CL. If it takes 3 tries and you coming up with a solution that they grudgingly accept, then chances are it might be a bucketed card that won't grow. You might be ok with $500 CL right now, but down the road when you have higher spending and CLs, your Uber Visa may still be stuck at $500 and become useless. 


There is one possible mitigating thing:


1. If you have another card from Barclays, you can ask if you can open an Uber Visa by transferring some limits or doing a product change. But that depends on you already having a card with them. 

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Re: Uber VISA (Denial) Recon? Is 3 too much?

So tempted to call again but I am going to choose the waiting a year option. Thank you guys for your advice, that card will one day be added to my signature lol..

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