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Verizon / Synchrony Card Approval???!

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Re: Verizon / Synchrony Card Approval???!

@GrandBay wrote:

@bustout are you keeping the FingerHut & CreditOne for AoOA purposes?

I think I am keeping Fingerhut on for some reason other than the $2000+ credit line but I never use it and AoOA sounds good although I do not need it. It helps with the percentage of credit utilized since I never use it. Laziness is a more honest answer. 


I called to cancel CreditOne. They knew it was a zero-balance and I wasn't trying to play games about fees or interest rates. I just wanted it gone and I was honest with them. Customer retention lowered the interest rate to 18.65, raised my limit to $2275, and removed any annual fees. Whenever I get that limit as an increase or offer on a better card I always tell myself I will drop the CreditOne, but it is not costing me anything. My only complaint with them when I did use it was the length of time to credit payments.

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