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WF Platinum Card Mailer X2

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Re: WF Platinum Card Mailer X2

Marketing. Also remember if youve received a Sub on your Amex, you wont be eligble for another WF card Sub until 16 months later ( 15 month rule).

Lol Pika, good point on those mailers. Ive only received Disco and Citi DC mailers my whole life and nada since. Smiley Wink
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Re: WF Platinum Card Mailer X2

As stated previously, they are not sent by Wells Fargo and are for marketing purposes.  I received mailers for both the Propel and the Cash Wise and decided to apply for the Propel.  It took two days to review, but I was approved with a CL of $9k.  I had no previous relationship with Wells Fargo.  

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