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Wells Fargo Propel Approval Odds? Advice?

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Re: Wells Fargo Propel Approval Odds? Advice?

@biga78 wrote:

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IMHO, I think your chances are slim to none because the AAOA is <8 mos. I suggest waiting until AOYA turns 12 mos. I suggest patience and putting a pause on seeking more credit ATM.

Are those FICO scores?  

Also, what are the 3 cards you already have and the CLs? Are they secured, retail, or bank cards?I

@CreditInspired Hey thanks for the input! Here are my "stats"


3 accounts 

 Discover It - 4k CL

 Citi Secured - (already received a letter confirming account will unsecure which I will ask to product change to Citi DC) $400 CL

 Chase Freedom - 3.8K CL


As you can see, these are all bank cards, and yes those are FICO 8 scores. 

Thanks for the info and that's good that they are bank cards. So you have 3 great prime cards, which is all that is needed for optimal scoring purposes. So I still suggest waiting until the AoYA turns 12 months before applying for another card. This way, your chances of an approval and larger SL improves.



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Re: Wells Fargo Propel Approval Odds? Advice?

Good luck on whatever you decide

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