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Went ahead and requested HP CLI for Uber Visa

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Re: Went ahead and requested HP CLI for Uber Visa

OP, you might want to periodically check your CL online to see if it was bumped. It should show immediately when the decision is made, instead of having to wait for the intern to print the letter, fold it, handwrite the address, lick the stamp, and drive it to the post office (just kidding). Most of the 10 days is snail mail processing.
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Re: Went ahead and requested HP CLI for Uber Visa

@Andypanda wrote:

I just got a hp cli from us bank that took 2 days to happen, because underwriters had to review the request. Maybe that is what us happening here.


goog luck 

US Bank likes to review everything. Sometimes they will intentionaly overide your original request. It got so rediculous that they no longer ask how much you want and just set your new credil limit as high as they can get approval for.

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