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What credit cards would I be approved for?

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Re: What credit cards would I be approved for?

First Premier is easy to work with to get the charge offs removed from you're credit report. Charge off is the worst possible thing to have on you're credit report. First Premier I swear has millions of customers that have that on their credit report. They are notorious for closing them off as fast as they can. 


Settle the collection, or wait until 2020. It would be deleted from you're credit report. You may only have to pay 20 bucks to remove it! Ask First Premier Bank as well for a reduction in the total amount owed. 



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Re: What credit cards would I be approved for?

generally i agree with everybody on most points especially gardening for the year however, unless you can get the baddies to remove it thru pay for removal dont pay it. granted you do have a moral obligation to pay your bills and usually iwould tell you to do so. however, if you pay the 2013 ones now then it could potentially start the clock over again for them to list the accounts as charge offs/collections. your only one year away or so from the 2013 ones having to be removed anyway. why risk the clock starting all over for 7 more years of listing them. If you were in the early stages such as 2 years from when they were listed yes pay them but youve already waited 6 years on two of them wait one year or say and two will be removed but keep in mind its your responsibility to make sure when they are to  due to be removed i.e. the date of the first delinquency, new law, that they are . Many times the reporting agencied dont remove them even when their past the 7 years so you may have to force them at that time to remove them. hopefully this helps you. the menbers on here are great resources of help and i know i truely appreciate them all good luck ![

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