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What's with Capitol One these days

Credit Mentor

Re: What's with Capitol One these days

@Creditbuilder36 wrote:
It's been a year since I've had both my Quicksilver one and Platinum card (which they have converted into the Quicksilver one card ) So I decided to go online and hit the love button for the increase granted my limits are a bit high but seems like they checked an old Equifax score and denied my increase I'm almost positive my score has gone up since a year ago so I'm thinking could it be the high balances ? Hmm not sure

You should get a letter in the online 'document center' that will give you the reason for the denial, at least their 'official' reason.  Once you get that you'll be able to move forward with what to change (if anything) to make it happen next time.


In my own case, the "problem" isn't with my credit at all - it's lack of use.  I had to wait a couple of days for their letter to be available online before I knew that.  Some on here have described the 'usage helps with Capital One CLIs' message as a "meme", but I have written proof from the source that it's very real.  Smiley Wink

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