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Who needs AMEX anyways, not this blacklisted ex customer

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Re: Who needs AMEX anyways, not this blacklisted ex customer

I was on the blacklist, but got in with a Gold card last January.  it has my original card date, which was way back in 1972.  So it does happen.  Unfortunately, I'd like to upgrade to a Plat now (i travel on business and the lounge access would justify the cost), but they won't consider that for a year (which has nothing to do with the blacklist).

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For those that got back in with Amex, consider yourself lucky. I got denied today for my old charge off account from 2008. I applied since I was getting pre-quals off the business and personal websites, thought I was in the good graces with Amex, nope. Oh well so far Ive been approved by 4 CC and 1 personal loan, 2 of those CCs I also burned but they let me back in. So who really needs an Amex 😊

FenderGuy, AmEx will take you back. I was in the same boat as you. I found out after waiting 18 years, I only had to wait 12 with them.

As I posted elsewhere, when they take you back (and they will), your original "Member Since" will still be acknowledged. AND, when you talk to CSRs, they will thank you for being a long time member.


I think you applied too soon. I suggest wait until the last quarter of this year, or the beginning of next year for sure.

The original "member since" isn't guaranteed...I had a charge card with them in 1993 and closed it a few years later.  I came back to AMEX in 2017 and the date is "member since 2017".  I read somewhere on the forums that they stopped backdating (the history and the member since dates).  Maybe it's YMMV...


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