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amex cli - did I mess it up

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Re: amex cli - did I mess it up

@OmarGB9 wrote:

@Remedios wrote:

Actually, getting a new card has a lot to do with CLI denial as being approved for a new account means additional credit has been extended to you - same as CLI. 

Usually this goes away in a few cycles, so it's not going to hold you back for a long time, especially if you are using your card.


As far as Amex and CLI timelines, everyone should forget "old" Amex. While one is still eligible for 1st CLI after 60whatever days,  it doesn't mean one will get it at 61,91, 180, 365 days etc. It's "whenever they approve it" these days, and for some cardholders it's "when your report is clean and you apply for a new card" 


Even if it's a business card? I thought issuers separated business and personal credit?

Yep, even if it's a business card. AmEx small business revolving accounts are PG so any CL assignment (CLI or new account) is considered when a personal and/or business relationship already exists. Different UW rules exist for a variety of lenders that offer both.


Typically, non-PG accounts may have a bit more leeway when it comes to UW (depending on a lot of factors) where biz revolving limits are not tied to existing personal revolving accounts, but that's a separate topic of discussion on the business subforum.

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