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amex preapprovals

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amex preapprovals

i just got a 3x cli on my bce on day #65. so for fun i looked at the preapprovals. and i'm approved for all the airplane and hotel cards that they have. deltas, hiltons, marriots, bonvoys, etc. are any of them a genuinely useful card?


how long is it usually to see preapproval on normal cards like cashmagnet, everyday, bcp, or the charge-cards?

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Re: amex preapprovals

Every profile is different but I started seeing preapprovals on the core revolvers around 90 days after I got my delta gold. And my EX score (in the 700s) was being consistently SPd in the Amex app.
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Re: amex preapprovals

They are useful if you fly delta, stay at Marriott or Hiltons and can recoup the AF thru the benefits. 

For me, it would take a crow bar to pry my Delta or Marriot out of my hands, but it's because I fly delta, stay at Marriott and I come out in the green on the AF. 


Imo, these are not cards just to have bc you can. You will either pay them (AF) to keep the cards, or they will pay you to carry the cards. 

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Re: amex preapprovals

The Hilton Aspire has been great for me. The 450 AF is steep, but I have been ahead of the fee overall. That is largely in part due to:

-Use of the $250 airline credit
- Use of the Resort credit
- Diamond status getting me room upgrades and restaurant/bar credits, on site credits.
-Amex statement credits with Hilton.
- Points. My spend tends to get me a ton of points due the 14x becoming 34x per dollar due to Diamond status. That's a big return. Even bigger when you sign up for 2x promos from Hilton.
- Annual night free.

If you travel a decent amount and can commit to a hotel chain, it has a lot of benefits. But don't just get a card to get a card-- get one that works for what you need and fits your budget.
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Re: amex preapprovals

i don't know much about the individual airline and hotel cards. i don't really understand the point of them when there are 3 chargecards with travel rewards.


i like that the gold charge earns a lot of points at both restraunts and grocery stores. but to get the most of that one, you have to fly at least once a year don't you? since they give a baggage fee perk and that's how you justify paying the AF.


how much do you have to spend on one of these cards to have enough points for a 2 week vacation?

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Re: amex preapprovals

"i don't really understand the point of them when there are 3 chargecards with travel rewards."

It depends entirely on the individual situation. If you do not travel and are simply trying to generate points in order to travel free then they are likely not a good fit other than the sign up bonuses. But for others they have great benefit. I spent right at $5k at Marriott properties last year. The Bonvoy card gives 6x points on Marriott purchases. Based on my personal redemption history I value Marriott points at just a bit over $.01. 6x means this card gives me about a 6.5% return.

The other hotel cards *for me* have similar return rates. Add in benefits from the card, even with an AF, they are still excellent choices. For example my IHG card comes with a free night and fourth night free on award redemptions all for $85 a year. That's good for about $300 in free rooms plus the extra earn rate on the $4k I spent at their properties last year.

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Re: amex preapprovals

The Aspire is the boss when it comes to AF vs benefits (at least the 1st year for me). Big sub will get you 3-4 nights in their Hilton properties. Airline credit which is every calendar year so if you sign up now, you'll get it twice before the 2nd AF hits. Unlimited Priority Pass lounge access +2 guests. Those are the most useful for me. Depends on your travel patterns. You can always downgrade to the no AF Hilton card after enjoying the benefits the 1st year. Bottom line, it's the most easy card for me to get the benefits I wanted vs cards like the CSR...



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Re: amex preapprovals

The delta gold free checked bag option covers the annual free for me easily. I travel on delta several times a yr and with bag fees averaging $30-$35, that more than makes up for the $95 AF. Especially since everyone traveling with me also gets a free checked bag. I thought about getting the delta platinum for the free companion ticket but I missed that special sub they had last mth after they announced the new program changes.
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Re: amex preapprovals

I think that it depends on if you're overall looking for your next card to be cashback or points, but, as others have mentioned, the Hilton Aspire is a great card.


The $450 AF is a little steep, but I think that it provides great value. Yes, if you're not particularly loyal to a specific airline then the airline incidental credit can be somewhat difficult to use, but you could always use it for an seat selection/upgrade on a flight and a lot of food/drinks? Maybe partially for Delta Skymiles Select if you fly Delta a bit?


In my opinion and depending on where you use it, the free weekend night certificiate alone makes up for the AF of the card. If you travel at least once a year, the card makes sense since you can also use the Hilton property credit at most places. I plan on using these, along with the SUB, to book a graduation trip to Southeast Asia Smiley Happy The downgradability to the no AF version of the card also makes if useful for keeping your credit history alive if the card doesn't make sense in the future. 

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Re: amex preapprovals

I just got my HH Aspire card about two weeks ago and it has already paid big dividends. Traveled to Miami last week and got upgraded to a 1 bedroom condo at a Hilton property due to automatic diamond status and was able to eat and drink in one of the Priority Pass lounges while waiting on my flight home. Loving this card thus far, just need that 3x the CLI to happen in 61 days to really be able to maximize the card more.

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