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help me help my sister...

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Re: help me help my sister...

I am new on building/rebuilding credit, so this should be taken as second opinion, not as expert advice. I would go ahead and do the Amex, and then sit tight for a year other than perhaps requesting CLIs. The reason I say that is, that would be three cards, and getting in with Amex at an early age is a good thing IMO. I wouldn't worry about utilization much at this point as long as she doesn't start carrying balances and paying a lot of interest. She's off to a great start (better than my current situation), good luck!

No derogs, but tons of inquiries and heavy credit-seeking behavior. In March of 2019, I had no open accounts, a charge-off, two collections, and scores in the low 500s. What I call the "thick build method" worked for me, but may not work for every situation.

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Re: help me help my sister...

Another Capital One card? Maybe Co-Branded Cap 1 card. Barclay should be easy to get. Or just go for the Amex.
1. She needs an installment trade line for a stronger profile.
2. At this point she might not get anything over $1000 SL

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Re: help me help my sister...

Has she tried BB&T?  they have approval on soft pull.  I would try, i mean what is the worst that can happen since it is a soft pull anyway.

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Re: help me help my sister...

I had those cards, and a couple small store cards. I got offers for odd banks, but went for a mainstream BT card. Then another. Even tho my first Citi Diamond Pref had no points I could BT, it got me a Discover BT, then I got a new Citi DC (which also can BT if need be, lol), and finally that Nordy VS you mentioned!
But Balances to be transferred always tend to go higher with nice 0% rates to start. Like Chase Slate, or Citi Simplicity, or a new Cap One. I just PC my old Cap1 Plat to a Venture and another to a QS.
But, yeah. If you can look for a BT, they usually give scores around 680 a chance to clear their other cards and then you have a bigger, better card.
And I would REALLY fix that SSN thing.
That might, ... help. Heh! 😋
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Re: help me help my sister...

She might also want to check out Petal or Deserve cards.

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