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"Your application has been submitted and is pending approval", aka...DECLINED.

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Re: "Your application has been submitted and is pending approval", aka...DECLINED.

@TaperRandy When I applied for my Wells Fargo CC a couple of years ago, I got the "pending" response and called them. It turned out I had a fraud alert on my Experian Credit report so they wanted to verify identity manually. I was ultimately approved. Check and see if you have any Fraud alerts or credit bureaus closed to pulls set up.

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The Wells Fargo Reflect debacle: update.

Firstly, thanks to all in my previous thread for replying when it came to "pending" as a cc app status. In particular, the Wells Fargo nightmare. Confusing and bizarre is an understatement. I finally got through to someone. However, they put you on hold for 5 full minutes. Then, upon returning you are told that an underwriter needs to be contacted on their end. That takes every second of 5 minutes as well. Why? I do not know. It is just, bizarre. 3 calls, all the same exact procedure. Weird. But let that go. When the rep returns, I am told that Ineed to locate a Wells Fargo bank, and physically drive to it. Meet with a bank slap, and present my driver's license and two pieces of mail to my address with my name on it. I asked why. He said, so the bank can fax over the documents to underwriting, and I will have a decision within 72 hours. I replied," so in essence, it will take nearly 2 weeks to be approved for this card total, AFTER...I am forced to drive 34 miles here in the snow to the nearest WF branch, to show someone my license and mail?" Of course, he didn't respond to that like a flesh and blood human. He instead, repeated the process. I finally asked..."Why? Why is this an actual thing, with the technology available today and encrypted email all but making the "fax" thing obsolete?"
I have owned my house for 19 years. Same occupation. 12 cc's...numerous trade accounts, vehicles, two banks, etc. This was a blast back to 1998. Oh, and they hit all 3 with hard pulls, dontcha know. He asked if I would like to proceed. I said no. I need to clean my VCR. 

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Re: The Wells Fargo Reflect debacle: update.

If you get approved. then you will see that this theme is repeated via the WF app....


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Re: The Wells Fargo Reflect debacle: update.

Do you have a relationship with WF ?


I got an instant $14K approval after I opened a checking account.

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