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way fair card

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way fair card

I applied for the wayfair card and got the 10 day message. Does this means its a denial? Is there a number I can call to check status?


Thanks in advance

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Re: way fair card

Not necessarily.  Comenity likes to do verification.  Even though I have a few cards with them they will still put me through verification more often than not.  You have to wait for the letter to come though if it is.  Every time I have gotten verification letters it's been an approval for me though and if it was a denial they just sent a denial letter.  

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Re: way fair card

I have a lot of cards with Comenity.  I had to go through verification on a couple of apps.  They will not give you any information regarding your application until you receive that letter in the mail.

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Re: way fair card

It could be either, so your patience will be tested while you wait. But best of luck on the outcome!!!

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Re: way fair card

If I were to wager a guess, with your scores, I'd say it's a denial.  Sorry.

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