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wrong reason for credit limit denial

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Re: wrong reason for credit limit denial

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I disputed that inquiry with wells fargo, not with credit agencies.  I called wells fargo and told them that representative never ask my consent for hard pulling my credit for that credit limit increase request, and I request them to listen to the calls since all the calls are recorded.  Wells fargo did an investigation and told me everything is correct.  When I disputed with credit bureaus, everyone told me I have an wells fargo account, so the hard inquiry is legitimate.  I do not want to deal with them anymore, no one can understand a basic story, so then I freezed all of my credit, that accident inquiry will disappear at the end of this summer.  I am not angry because of that inquiry, I am angry is no one wants to listen to my story and listen to the phone call I had, no one wants to investigate an easy dispute.  I am concerned when I really have a big problem in the future, I am afraid I will have the same response.  Unfortunately, no one can regulate them about their unwillingness to investigate and dispute for real.  I understand a hard inquiry is not that bad, but for me, obsessive compulsive disorder, any inquiry just make me feel uncomfortable for no reason.  That is why I do not like hard inquiry.  I always limit myself for 1 or 2 inquiries per year, 1 or 2 new card per year.  I will continue this down the road.



Several people recommanded me not to close my chase card, I think for the credit score reason, I will keep it.  I am thinking right now or next year or later, I can get approved for 10,000+ credit limit chase card.  I did got capital one credit limit increase, one for 150 and one for 100.  Many people said savor card has high limit, I think I can try that later this year.  I like metal card.  The only thing I do not like is capital one.  That is my maybe this year.



I understand credit limit involves several factors.  I have been on credit report for 3 years.  I am trying to be patient with foreign representatives, and I am trying to be nice while they are telling me sorry, there is nothign we can do about this every time.  I really hope those jobs can stay in this country, not going to other countries, and more and more people in this country are losing their jobs, it does not make any sense except companies are paying way less salary for their foreign representaives.  Most foreign representatives do not let me finish what I have to say and then conclude that they can not do anything to help.  My mother from China and my father from Korea.  Many people said great things about navy federal credit union, but I will never eligible.  I am with pentagon, and many times people say they hard pull for membership, and that is not correct for me.  I have checking and saving with them, no hard pull form any credit bureau.  Pentagon pathfinder is my next card, maybe later this year.  So this year for me, maybe a savor, maybe a pathfinder.  












I want to let you know that your assumption that explicit consent for a HP is  required is an incorrect assumption, all a lender needs is "permissible purpose" to pull your credit. Any time you request credit, whether it is a CLI or a new account that lender has permissible purpose automatically because you asked. Therefore, the wells inquiry is valid. 

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