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1st NFCU Application - Cash Rewards

New Member

1st NFCU Application - Cash Rewards

Got notification that my Capital One updated today, getting my scores back into the 650's.

NFCU Cash Rewards - Instant Approval - 16k limit


The girlfriend and I are stoked. After she has 2 inquiries fall off next month, she's applying, too. Her scores are 40 points higher than mine, with the same income and debt/income ratio. ^_^


Should I even go for the CLOC at this point?

7/22/17: EQ 645 EX 648 TU 655, $700 CL, 35% Util
7/20/15: EQ 475 EX 500 TU 443, $0 CL
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Re: 1st NFCU Application - Cash Rewards

Awesome job!. I guess you can if you want it. Some feel you gotta have it if you get big spproval but im of mind if you dong need it its not necessary. Tuff choice but best of luck and enjoy your new found fame lolSmiley Happy
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Re: 1st NFCU Application - Cash Rewards

Congratulations and welcome to the NFCU family! Smiley Happy

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