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2ND AMEX 3x CLI - Approval

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Re: 2ND AMEX 3x CLI - Approval

Hi @Taurus22 Taurus22, thank you the reply. So far it is not working for me. My BCP given CLI slowly but not using the 3X CLI formula. It is just random. I am wondering if it will still work for my other card ED but I only has one CLI after several years from $2 to 2.4k (Mar 21). I was rejected again last month (Sept). Probably I apply too early (less than 180/181 days), I am not sure. I will try again when a new statement comes out in few days time. I got nothing to loose anyway. Smiley Happy I will let them reject me monthly for every CLI request while spending most of my monthly expenses and pif on the same card. Maybe somebody would look into it. Again, thank you for the information.

Starting Score: (Nov 2013) EQ 650, EXP 750, TU 750
Score: (Dec 16, 2017)EQ > 720, EXP ?, TU > 730
From EQ Score: (Nov 8rd, 2021) From EQ Fico 8 795, Fico 9 806 | TU Fico 8 820, Fico 9 823 | (from experian) EX Fico 8 782, Fico 9 804
Oct 2021 AoOA 19 years, 6 months, AAoA 6 years, 11 months

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