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2nd credit card ever!


2nd credit card ever!

I was just approved for a CapOne Quicksilver, 10 k limit!  My only other card is a 15 year old CapOne platinum with 8k, so I was surprised they started me off so high.


I wish I had known how important it was to most lenders to have multiple trade lines open and active BEFORE I started thinking of buying a house...

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Re: 2nd credit card ever!

Congratulations! Very good CL!

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Re: 2nd credit card ever!

Great starting limit.. that's also quite the AAoA you have.. 15 years then bam a brand new account! lol
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Re: 2nd credit card ever!

My one friend was just like you.  She only had 1 card with a stingy credit limit.  She had fantastic scores .. but she could not run a lot of credit because of the lower limit.  I think apx 2k.  She too wants to buy a house.  So she added a few cards and will be buying her first ever car.  Then sometime next summer she will start looking at mortgages.  So yeah ... the things they don't teach you in school.  UGH. 


Congratulations on the mighty fine starting limit.  

They say ... but don't quote me... but that 3 bank cards is for optimum. 

But you know ... you have that fantastic AAoA ... probably best to talk to the banks that may be doing your mortgage 


Confetti & Congratulations !  

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Re: 2nd credit card ever!

You are a disciplined person.  Good for you!  My cousin is in his mid 30s and has had one Chase Freedom card for 15 years and it has an $8,000 limit.  I tried my best to get him to apply for a second card but he doesn't want to spend more time keeping up with a second card.  He had a mortgage on a house in the 1990s but lost the job and sold the home.  It is a shame how most schools don't teach kids about credit but maybe that's to keep people down.  I am self taught in credit but my various family members have no desire to learn.  They don't know what their credit score is, have no credit cards, repos on cars and so forth.  I learned alot from this site and am looking to go above 800 some time this next year (when my last hard pull gets removed).

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Re: 2nd credit card ever!

Agreed that the education system doesn't teach the most basic stuff we need in all our lives.. But that's a separate duscussion. Congrats again op!
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Re: 2nd credit card ever!

Congratulations and you are doing very well! Nice FICO scores in addition! Smiley Happy

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Re: 2nd credit card ever!

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Re: 2nd credit card ever!



Nothing like your first couple cards to put a smile on your face. Smiley Happy


Even though I wish I'd learned sooner, at least we've learned now! Some never do. Smiley Sad

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Re: 2nd credit card ever!

Congrats on approval!   Very nice initial CL!  


You might want to see about PCing your old Platinum card to QS, if you're looking to make it more useful.   You could then combine the new card into the old one (but you'd want to do this after your mortgage process is complete).  


And very good scores, BTW!   You must have other TLs with excellent payment history.   Good job!

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