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3 AMEX cards in 1 Day....BOOM!!!!!

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Re: 3 AMEX cards in 1 Day....BOOM!!!!!

I think in order to get to the pre approval site you have to have an Amex card.   But I'll paste the link here.

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Thank you Amex!!!!   My back story....Credit scores around the 670's - 680 according to Credit Karma.  AMEX and Capital 1 has my score in the 680's.   Filed BK 13 almost 7 years ago should be dropping off credit Dec 2020.   No bad credit since BK except for 2 stupid medical bills that popped up on me out of nowhere but paid those baddies off as soon as they appeared but are sitting on report as closed collections.  No late payments, no credit cards except Cap 1 was incldued in BK.   I currently have the following cards:

Credit One (Hate it)

1st Premier (Hate it)

Got both right after BK to help credit

Cap 1 QS1-3500cl

Cap Venture 1- 3000cl

NFCU Amex- 25,000cl

NFCU Go Rewards- 24,000cl

Rooms2Go credit - 10,000

AMEX Blue Preferred (took a while to finally got in after many denials.  Got in right after my 5 year post BK mark for only $1000 but finally got into AMEX.  Got this card March 2019


So this past week bored on the computer watching TV I decided to go to AMEX pre approval site as I do several times a week for the last year.  Finally after a year I got the "You're approved" indication instead of the "Looking to expand" indication for ALL OF THERE CARDS!!!!!!  After my excitment I decided to apply for the Blue Cash Everyday and the Green Charge.  Wanted to apply for the Gold Charge but didnt see it on their website so figured they got rid of it.   I used 2 different browsers to apply for both cards hit submit button almost at the same time.....APPROVED!   Called AMEX to ask about the Gold card which the nice lady to tell her I wanted the gold card not the green card.  After about a 10 min call she basically told me they would have to pull my credit again for the Gold that I couldn't switch out the green for the gold.  I was like "what the hell go ahead"........APPROVED for the Gold!!!  


So long story short......AMEX approved me for 3 cards in 1 night!   2 charge cards and 1 revolver.  Has anyone had this kind of luck before?  Is this normal that AMEX would do that without making me wait days putting one of the applications pending or something like that?   




First thing, CONGRATS on the Trifecta! :-))


Question: You mentioned "I decided to go to AMEX pre approval site". I thought I read on DoC that there wasn't such
a site for Amex anymore. Ca you provide a link?


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Re: 3 AMEX cards in 1 Day....BOOM!!!!!

Yeah its probably just for folks who already have an Amex card.   When I first applied I did a cold app.   Then once I log onto the site I can go to the Pre Approval site to see what if anything they are saying i'm pre approved for.  

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Sure thing!  I go on there at least once per week just to see.   Things change so I keep checking.


I see this link takes me to the site to submit an application, but nothing that shows me 
anything about pre-qualifying for - unless I am missing something.


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