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3 for 3 on my App Spree!

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Re: 3 for 3 on my App Spree!

Congrats! You have a nice selection of cards and CLs. When you are ready to app again, I would definitely consider Barclsys. I have their apple and rewards mc. Their cs has been great. Very nice. But not the best idea of get right after a bunch of new credit. Maybe in 6 mos or so. Smiley Happy


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Re: 3 for 3 on my App Spree!

kevinjjc wrote:

Barclays Priceline Rewards Visa 2% pulls TU. Smiley Wink Smiley LOL  Seriously though, it would go nicely with your other cards.


Edit to add the Shatner!!! Smiley Very Happy Smiley LOL


Only PRO can carry this card. Smiley Surprised

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12/19/2013, $100k+ Available Credit. Total Util: 0-1%
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