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30K Limit on Capitol One Savor Card

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Re: 30K Limit on Capitol One Savor Card

Congrats and nice SL. 

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Re: 30K Limit on Capitol One Savor Card

That’s a really high starting limits from capital one credit card, and other credit cards I have noticed that you have also with high limits. You must be making at least 6 figures income to qualify for all these cards. Because the banks approved credit cards and the limit base on credit, utilization and your abilities to repay the debts.
Well, congratulations.
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Re: 30K Limit on Capitol One Savor Card

Wow Wow WOw Congrats on App Spree Approval , all nice SL , loving those cards fighting for your no1 driver hehe . time tohead straight 

@SillyGoose wrote:

So, until recently, I had only one active credit card with a limit of 4,500.

After joining the forums, learning more about my credit scores, and learning more from other members, I decided to apply for 5 new cards over the past few months. I was first approved for a US Bank Cash+ card with a limit of 25K, a big jump above my other card. Then in January, I applied for 4 other cards: Chase Freedom, Discover It, Citi Double Cash, and Capitol One Savor, and then into the garden. I've been traveling and out of town and hadn't received the final word on all the applications. I knew that I had been approved with a limit of 7-9K on all the cards, but did not hear from Capitol One before I left. I was worried that I may have applied for too many cards at once and that my app might be declined, but when I returned from trip, I discovered that I was approved and with a 30K limit to boot. Feeling good...


Now that I've got the cards that I wanted and with some good credit limits, I'm a happy little gardener.

(Wrote this earlier today but may have accidentally deleted my post and feeling stoked so I want to share.)


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