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$3k on Citi ThankYou Preferred

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$3k on Citi ThankYou Preferred

I guess I'm on a mini-spree. Received a mailer for pre-approval for the Citi ThankYou Preferred. I have a Citi Diamond Preferred already (Aug 2016). Applied and got an instant approval for the card. I think I remember not wanting this card for some reason before, but since I couldn't remember what it was, I pulled the trigger. I need the util space.


I believe they may have pulled EQ, but I'm not sure. Nothing is showing yet.


No lates, no CO/baddies, no BK. With EQ, I had 3 hard inq and my AAOA was 2 yrs 10 months. Score was 693 a month ago.


I am pleased with the $3k limit, since US Bank only gave me $600 this week, and with my Diamond Preferred with Citi, my SL was $1300. My current limit with that card is $2700, so they gave me a SL on the new card higher than my limit on my 1st card. 


I am using this card for BTs only, and was given a 0% intro APR on BT for one year. With my Diamond Preferred, they keep giving me new BT offers, so hopefully, that will be the same for this card! They also have been auto CLI'ing that card, so maybe I'll get some luck with this new product as well. 


$2200 more in either total CL or payments and I will be beneath the 30% util line again. 

STARTING: Mid 500's in --- 2013 --- CURRENT (03/20/21): EX 754, TU 747, EQ 752 --- GOAL: 800+ Across the board

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Re: $3k on Citi ThankYou Preferred

Congrats on a nice limitSmiley Happy
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Re: $3k on Citi ThankYou Preferred

Nice. Always good to have CITI on your credit reports. congrats!

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