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$50K Discover

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Re: $50K Discover

@MrPTato wrote:

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Congratulations, do you mind if I asked the income you used on the request?



Thank you, signaturecardmember!!  I used $163K, which is my current annual salary.

Income does play a part in the deciding factor. Its never just about score alone, which some think that is the end all.

Even though that's a great salary, the approval is still impressive. I hope I can attain your credit score levels in time Crib Duchess. Very impressive for sure!

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Re: $50K Discover

Holy canoli !!! vn CL on Disco, wow congrats!!!

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Re: $50K Discover


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Re: $50K Discover

@CribDuchess wrote:

Just about 2 weeks ago, I hit the luv button again on my Discover account.  Received the 2-day message.  A few days later, I received an email from Discover regarding my application for a CLI.  They said they needed me to contact them.  I called in and spoke to a credit analyst.  He said that he could increase my limit to $50K without any further information, or I could possibly go above $50K with employment/income verification.  I told him $50K was fine with me!


50K Discover.JPG


Discover 50K online acct.JPG


You're living reality and Congrats!!! For me, nice to look at this and dream lol


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