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6 month history Amex BCE approved

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6 month history Amex BCE approved

I'm 18 year old first year college student with 6 month history. Anyways my Ex 732,Eq713,Tu717 and I got BCE for $250+$200. I used the chinese business card trick with modifications since Amex disabled the original method. I had to add 3 business cards for comparison on incognito before the $250 deal appeared.

I got disappointing limit of $1,200.

Starting Score: Ex08-732,Eq08-713,Tu08-717
Current Score:Ex08-795,Eq08-807,Tu08-787,EX98-761,Eq04-742
Goal Score: Ex98-760,Eq04-760

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Re: 6 month history Amex BCE approved

still a good CC. Congrats OP!


edit: use it right and go for 3X CLI in 61 days and you'll be good!

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