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6 months up. Got SP CLI on CITI DC

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6 months up. Got SP CLI on CITI DC

Waited for 6 months completion on my Citi DC and checked for SP CLI. Smiley Tongue


"Congrats, you have got the CLI increased for $1500. Total of $8400.". This message is always awesome. Smiley Very Happy


This card is my daily driver for 2% cb on all purchases. Smiley Happy


Thank you CITI. Heart


Set up the next calendar entry for 6 months. Smiley Wink

7/12/2019 FICO TU-815|EX - 787|EQ -809
Total Credit - $300K+
Starting Score: 640
Current Score: 785
Goal Score: 810

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Re: 6 months up. Got SP CLI on CITI DC

Nice jobSmiley Happy. I couldnt get Ciri luv if my name C.T. BanksSmiley Wink. I laugh everytime i look at my history all i see credit limit not approved, and they alawys take away the sp language. Its a major so its a keeper.

Enjoy your upcoming 10k DCSmiley Happy
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