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8/8 app "spree"


8/8 app "spree"

    Applied Sat. 3/9 for Chase Freedom, got 30 day message. Called status # Mon & Wed. got 2 week message. Just couldn't wait had to call recon # and after a few identity type questions was approved. So after 5+ years I have all 8 cards that I applied for. Was turned down for chase 21/2 years ago and 5 years ago Citi turned me down for their secured card (now have regular card). After coming across myfico I started in 2008 with BOA secured $300, (now cash rewards) then cap One $300cl. Waited till it looked like USbank would go and got it. Waited a couple years and after Amex bombarded me with pre-app's got Zync.. Then about year ago Discover was putting 2-3 pre-app's in my mail a week and got it. Then last summer when I saw on here that NFCU was on an approval spree (have been NFCU member for 4 yrs. but was waiting for my profile to get just right) I got the cash rewards and needless to say to Nfcu followers it is my highest limit.


  I'm done. Got what I wanted, and more than I need. My supplies are loaded and will be heading to the Garden.


 Moral of the story: Priceless information on this site!

                                 Planning-keeping inquiries and util in check before applying

                                 Patience- 5 years ago I didn't even have a credit score. Now my lowest card is Citi at 2.5K



                                 Thank you one and all myficoers!



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Re: 8/8 app "spree"

Congrats! Always great to read hardwork success stories.

In full gardening/ debt annihilation mode! (4/15/13)
Notre Dame FCU Visa 0/2k (8/04); CapOne Best Buy 800/1.5k (7\06)
Citi Thank You World MC 4800/9.7k (1/11); Amex Zync NPSL (9/11)
Chase Freedom Visa 1600/3.8k (9/11); Chase Southwest RR Premier Visa Signature 4300/10.7k (6/12); Discover It 0/3k (7/12)
EQ: 751 (4/1/13) EX: 742 (4/8/13) TU: 732 (4/8/13)
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Re: 8/8 app "spree"

I'm happy for you! Congrats...its nothing like that special feeling when getting approved for something good..especially NFCU.

Go to cards: Amex BCE , CSP, Discover IT, Amex Gold NPSL
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Re: 8/8 app "spree"

this community is life changing fo so many people.

I'll be in the garden... FICO Score | TU-08: 732 in May 2013
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