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A Beautiful NFCU Win!!

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A Beautiful NFCU Win!!

Hello all!

I started a credit rebuild about a year and a half ago. Credit scores were all in the low 500's with 11 collections. But thanks to the advice on these boards, I've been working on my scores. Greatly improved over a year and a half ago.

Curent scores: EQ 647, TU 705, EX 698

I'm down to one collection that reports to EQ and EX.


In August, I was approved for my first Navy Federal card. I got the Cash Rewards (green) card with a $7300 CL. I was ecstatic!! Up to that point, my highest credit limit had been $400 with sub-prime cards.  Anyway, I learned about the 90/3 rule on these boards and did my due diligence. I have been using the Cash Rewards card pretty much as a debit card. I pay for EVERYTHING with that card, if possible, because of the cash back rewards (though I can't use it for things like car payments). So I'm sure NFCU has been very pleased with my usage. I always make sure my utilization is low by statement close.


Well I decided to wait 4 billing statements and almost 4 months before pullling the trigger on another card. Last night I shook off my fear and pulled the trigger. And BOOM! Approved for the More Rewards American Express Card for $20,000!!!!!!!!!!!!


I ran into the next room to tell my spouse about my victory, and encouraged her to do the same thing. She has the NFCU Platinum.  Her scores are better than mine (mid 700's), so I told her she should go for the NFCU Flagship Rewards card. So she did. And........BOOM! Approved for $25,000!!!!!!!!!! She also has been doing a credit rebuild.


We're both pretty much still in shock right now. Extemely happy, but can't quite believe it.


BTW, I also immediately applied for a CLI for the Cash Rewards card I already had. Got the message about a decision in 24 hours. So we'll see. I think I read on here that they pull Equifax for the CLI, and that one is my lowest score. But in any case, I'm beyong excited about my new card. :-)


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Re: A Beautiful NFCU Win!!

Continue building certainly,  Mega Congrats to you & DW Approvals with with nice SLs!! Well done! Best of wishes on CLI. 

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Re: A Beautiful NFCU Win!!

Pretty good haul for the two of you, congrats Smiley Happy

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Re: A Beautiful NFCU Win!!

Congratulations on SO and your approvals!
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Re: A Beautiful NFCU Win!!

That's awesome!  Congratulations!

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Re: A Beautiful NFCU Win!!

Congrats to y'all!

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Re: A Beautiful NFCU Win!!



The majority of NFCU CLIs have been soft pulls for several months now - so you may not have an additional EQ pull.   Also - check your account every few hours - you may receive the CLI but not be notified (i've never been notified)  Usually, you'll see your available credit has increased but the limit won't update till the overnight system update occurs.  Fingers crossed!

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Re: A Beautiful NFCU Win!!

Congrats! 🎊 

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Re: A Beautiful NFCU Win!!

Congrats! Navy is the best! 

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Re: A Beautiful NFCU Win!!

Congratulations to the both of you! 

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