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AAviator MC 3X CLI and NFCU CLI Denied

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AAviator MC 3X CLI and NFCU CLI Denied

Today I request a CLI on my AAviator MC. Credit services requested a hard pull so I went ahead and said why not. They pulled TU at 715 with 2 paid CO's reporting. Inital credit limit was $2.5K and was openened on 4/13. The guy asked me a bunch of questions about inquiries and CO's and Boom Approved to $7.5K. Did cost a hard pull. But I was honestly surprised.


Got a little macho and requested a CLI on my NFCU GoRewards which was open on 3/16 and was at 91 days with 3 statements cut. Went pending and they HP Equifax which is my lowest score sitting at 685 FICO08. Called them and spoke to lending and DENIED. No CLI for me. Always paid in full before the due date and carried a small balance on the statement. I was a disappointed but hey what you gonna do right?

Stats be low:

Score : 685 FICO 08

AAoA: 3 years 3 months

UTI: 11%

DTI: 21%

Annual: $49K

Inq: 12 in the last 24 and 8 in the last 6.

New accounts: 6 in 6 months.

Baddies: 2 paid CO's 2 years old

Reason for denial: Past delinquency and maximum unsecured loan amount granted.

Current Credit Limit: $12,5K


Can creditaddict or someone give me some insight?


Thanks y'all



EX 677 EQ 685 TU 705
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Re: AAviator MC 3X CLI and NFCU CLI Denied

Congrats on the CLI for Barclays and sorry to hear about the Navy denial , it takes some of us longer to get there than others . I have had my cc with them for right at a year and have been denied a CLI 3 or 4 times , I stopped trying awhile back and decided to wait until my account ages past a year mark bf I try again
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Re: AAviator MC 3X CLI and NFCU CLI Denied

And it's seems like you are at maximum exposure with them right now , just give it some time and history and try again
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Re: AAviator MC 3X CLI and NFCU CLI Denied

The key reason for the denial would be this phrase here...


"maximum unsecured loan amount granted" 


Give them more time and you'll get there. You have a great CL ($12.5k) with them though! 

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Re: AAviator MC 3X CLI and NFCU CLI Denied

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