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AMEX 3X CLI Approval!!

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AMEX 3X CLI Approval!!

Thanks to the wonderful people on the board I learned about the American Express 3X CLI.


So a lil background on me. I have an the Blue Cash Everyday with a 2000 limit and an the The AMEXEveryday with a 5000 limit (The pretty silver one) I got the BLUE Cash Evryday card first. So my 61 days came, I was nervous didn't do it and I am so glad I didn't on the BLUE Cash Everday!!!


I decided that I would do the 3X CLI request on The AMEX Everyday Card because if I could go from 5000 to 15000 then I was going to at least try!


So I push that love button, boy was I nervous. I was taken to a screen that asked for my income and the I pressed submit. To my surprise I was approved for $15,000!!


I was totally ecstatic.


I really wasn't going to try the BLUE but I decided to and immediately got a message that I would receive a written response in 5-7 days.


2 minutes later I received an email the subject line read:

Important Information About Your Limit Increase Request


The body email went on to say: We've finished reviewing your credit limit increase request. To get the details of our decision please contact our Customer Care team at your earliest convenience by calling 1-800-535-7790.


***I thought to myself this doesn't smell to good***


So I called in and the guy told me that I'm only allowed one increase per card every six months. His exact words "You can only request one increase per card in a six month time frame." In 6 months you can apply for an increase on this card.  It was a good idea you did it on the Cash Everyday and not this one first.


So I'm happy, $15,000 on Cash Everyday and $2000 on the BLUE Cash Everyday.


My Experian Credit Score FICO8 was at 671 on Sunday and Monday I looked at CreditCheckTotal and it showed a 660. I am not sure which score was actually used.



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Re: AMEX 3X CLI Approval!!

Yup, when you have more than 1 card it's good to choose wisely since you can now only do every 6 months.  If you did the 3X and then got the BCE you might be able to pull a 61 day on the BCE even though you just got the ED approved.  Either way you're set for 30-34.5K on the next ED attempt if your income supports it.  Since they do 2 different rewards structures you won't be able to combine them down the road since ED is MR and BCE is Cashback.  When you hit a road block on ED though you have BCE to fall back on for another CLI.  


If you want to push forward on ED past 34.5K it will probably require a 4506 which is painless and takes 5 mins to fill out online and about 3-5 days for them to process and approve your CLI.  



Enjoy your new 15K!!!

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Re: AMEX 3X CLI Approval!!

Congrats to you! Thats a great CLI! Im really hoping for the BCP next year around this time. Have to see if they are willing to accept me back Smiley Sad anyway, glad for you though!
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Re: AMEX 3X CLI Approval!!

@YellowBanana, congrats, maybe you will get an autoCLI and next time you can increase your other card.


I think that you can transfer some of the limit to one card to another. Maybe you need the card to be 13 months, I don't remember the exact information. So instead of asking for 6k on your 2k card, you can transfer X to it and try for 3x that, so if you transfer 3k, you can try 15k. Good luck.

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Re: AMEX 3X CLI Approval!!

Thank y'all for all the extra tips. I really appreciate them. 


If i could just get my Equifax score up and finally get approved with PenFed I will be set!!! Smiley Happy

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Re: AMEX 3X CLI Approval!!


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Re: AMEX 3X CLI Approval!!

15k yea!! NICELY done!. Your gonna have a monster soon, feed it wiselySmiley Wink
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Re: AMEX 3X CLI Approval!!

Wow that's awesome!
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Re: AMEX 3X CLI Approval!!

Congrats! I am one month out from being able to try a second round of 3x increases on my BCE. First go I only got a bump from 2k up to 4k, but now I'm hoping for 12k with my new income. 

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Re: AMEX 3X CLI Approval!!


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