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AMEX Approvals!

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Re: AMEX Approvals!

Congratulations on your approvals!

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Re: AMEX Approvals!

@freshcredit2 wrote:

@MaizeandBlue wrote:

Known by whom?


Here's what Pooka89, an actual Amex employee, says about the spending power button:

  "Re: Amex Charge limits
When you use this function, you are telling the system that you WILL be using your card for that purchase within 8 days. Don't play with it!"

But I've never heard about a financial review because of pressing the spending power button and I've been an Amex member since 1995.


Posts and comments all over the interwebs from people who have experienced it... I've seen plenty.  It's pretty simple to search out those datapoints if yo so desire. Google, youtube, myFICO forums, etc...

If you're going to claim that pressing the spending power button will trigger Financial Review, then you need to present the proof of that happening.  I shouldn't have to go looking for it.


Financial Review by Amex has a specific definition and it involves them asking for a signed Form 4506-T to obtain a transcript of your tax returns from the IRS.  Repeatedly using the Spending Power tool can cause your account to be investigated; but that investigation is definitely not the same as a Financial Review which will shut your account down if the tax information is not provided.

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Re: AMEX Approvals!
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Re: AMEX Approvals!

Not bad at all for only being 4 months in....congrats on your approvals.....Smiley Happy

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