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AMEX BCE Approval

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AMEX BCE Approval

I went thru the AMEX prequalify site today and was prequalified for 3 of the cards.  The BCE, the Delta Airlines and I already forgot what the 3rd card was.  Anyways, I wasnt sure which card was "easier" to get between the BCE and Delta so I went with the BCE and was approved for $8K, $250 bonus if I spend $1k in the next 90 days, 15 months of no interest and the 3%, 2% and 1% depending on what the purchase is.


Had a fico score today of 684 according to CCT.  Average age of accts is 10.6yrs, oldest account is 25.6yrs.  I have two Cap1 charge offs that were paid in full and will come off in summer '18 and the other in Mar '19.  Have had only one credit card for many years as I use my debit card for everything.  I had 3 inquiries over past 2 years and UTI is 3%.  Just in case anyone wanted to know about my credit file.  Besides my one credit card, I have my mortgage, vehicle loan and small LOC from local bank.  


Does AMEX use the same Experain credit pull from today for a certain amount of days? Just in case I wanted to try for the AMEX Delta as well.  Would like a 3rd credit card eventually.  Thanks for any info...



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Re: AMEX BCE Approval

Congrats and welcome to the AMEX starts the count down to 61 of luck to you!!

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Re: AMEX BCE Approval

Thank you.  Did you apply for more than one AMEX at a time or were they all applied for at different times?  

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Re: AMEX BCE Approval

Congrats on your BCE approval!! You can get a charge card and revolver at the same time from Amex, but two revolvers normallly requires a 5 day wait from them

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Re: AMEX BCE Approval

Congrats on a great starting limit OP!


I have both BCE and Delta Gold, apped about 10 days apart, and both were HPs. I did not get instant approval on the BCE. Apped on a Saturday and it was approved on a Monday ($2k limit that is now $6k). When I apped for Delta, it was instant approval ($10k). My EX was just under 700 at the time, per CCT. 

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