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AMEX BCE Approval

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AMEX BCE Approval

Hi y'all!


Long-time lurker, first-time poster. I thought I would get off my buns and contribute, as this forum has helped guide me a lot in establishing my credit.


I just received an approval from AMEX BCE. Fico 8 score - 692. Credit Line - 6k.

EX: 713
EQ: 679
TU: 686
CapitalOne Platinum (secured):$500 | Discover IT: $2K | Chase Freedom Unlimited: $1.2K | AMEX BCE: $6K | PP MC: $2K
Paypal Credit: $1.25K

Gardening since: June 2019
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Re: AMEX BCE Approval

Hi and welcome to the forums


Congrats on your approval! 

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Super Contributor

Re: AMEX BCE Approval

Welcome To myFICO Forums


Congrats on you're Amex BCE Approval

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Re: AMEX BCE Approval

Congrats on your Amex BCE approval!!
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