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AMEX BCE & Discover It Cash Back Approval

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AMEX BCE & Discover It Cash Back Approval

Da. I really should have waited until at least the 10th of this month before applying so that my utilization on my MilStar card reported below 30% and NFCU went down to 14% from 28%, but nyet: the guy on my left shoulder told me not to. All of the preapprovals I was getting at the start of month looked too good to pass up. 


So...Discover approval for $600 and AMEX for the $500 minimum. Sure, I now have quite a few low-limit cards but at least a few of them are from big kahuna lenders.  

FICO 8 Scores (09/2017)

FICO 8 Scores (04/2018)

NFCU Go Rewards: $3,200 - MilStar: $650 - Discover It Cash Back: $600 - AMEX BCE: $500 - CapitalOne: $400 - Fingerhut: $500 - Wal-Mart: $200

Re: AMEX BCE & Discover It Cash Back Approval

Congrats! Keep working at it and you'll get them higher.  Discover is pretty generous, so keep working on your score, pay your bills on time and request CLI on them every 3-4 months and you'll get them raised

Through HARD work, paying HIGH interest for a long time, I achieved what I desired. GREAT credit. There is NO easy solution, NO easy fix.

Starting credit score-505 September 2006

Experian-802 TransUnion-802 Equifax-808
$286,000 total lines of credit
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Re: AMEX BCE & Discover It Cash Back Approval

Congrats on both approvals

8-2019 / Fico 8 EX 8013 , EQ 8016 , TR 810
Amex ED 22k , CSP 17k , Discover iT 12.5k , Fifth Third Bank S2C 12k , BofA Cash Rewards 10k , Avianca Vida 10k , State Farm Good Neighbor Visa 10k , Citi DD 6k , Union Bank Rewards 5k
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