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AMEX Hilton Aspire Approval!

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AMEX Hilton Aspire Approval!

I've held the AMEX Hiton Ascend card since late 2015, when it was called the Hilton Surpass card. It's a pretty good card and I stay at Hilton properties a lot. So when AMEX released the higher-end Aspire card recently, I was interested.


However, I was waiting for an upgrade offer of at least 100,000 Hilton HHonors points, which AMEX was targeting. But I never got that offer. Then last week I saw that AMEX boosted the SUB on the Aspire card to 150,000 points. Since I was pre-approved, I decided to apply for the card outright rather than continuing to wait for an upgrade offer.


Initially I got the "we'll notify you in writing within 7 days" message online. Then, AMEX called this morning to verify my application and once verified, told me I'd been approved! My SL on the Aspire card is $3,100 but they said once I receive and activate the card, I can close my Hilton Ascend card and move its SL over to the Aspire card.


I assume you'd all agree I should do that? After all, I don't really need two AMEX Hilton cards!


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Re: AMEX Hilton Aspire Approval!

Congrats! And definitely consolidate those lines. That will be great! 

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Re: AMEX Hilton Aspire Approval!

Congrats!  And yes, agreed you should consolidate the credit lines.

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Re: AMEX Hilton Aspire Approval!



Your patience paid off in getting the 150K SUB... You could option A: close your Ascend/move CL or option B: downgrade to the No AF Hilton card and wait for an upgrade offer down the road.


FYI.. If you are eligible for a CLI on the Ascend and you decide to go with option A, you should request for a CLI before closing and transfer the CL over to the Aspire.

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Re: AMEX Hilton Aspire Approval!

Congratulations on your approval!

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Re: AMEX Hilton Aspire Approval!

Congrats I just got the Aspire as well and am going to close my Ascend once i transfer the available credit to the Aspire

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