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AMEX Hilton Honors approved!

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Re: AMEX Hilton Honors approved!

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I have been waffling on applying for an AMEX. Did a rebuild and have done well. One old credit card with 90 day late and charge off is my only derogatory,  and that falls off around October. Tonight I finally went for it and applied for the Hilton Honors. Got approved with a limit of 10K !!! Unbelievable. My total credit available was about 5600 across a couple of Cap1 cards, Discover,  and 2 store cards. 


Now I wish I had tried for a better card.

Don't worry about the "better card".


1. It's a good card.


2. Amex will extend offers to upgrade to their higher tier Hilton cards.


I find Hilton hotels to be my best hotel value.

Good to know. TBH, I wasn't even that interested in the HH card. I only apped for that one as it seemed like one of the easier ones to get my foot in the door with AMEX. One of the CM, BC, or sky miles would have been preferred. Maybe I can do a product change down the road.

I obtained the first of my Hilton cards by product changing from a Delta card, but I'm not sure they still have product changes like that.

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Re: AMEX Hilton Honors approved!

Congrats on the hilton!

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Re: AMEX Hilton Honors approved!


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Re: AMEX Hilton Honors approved!

Congrats on your Amex Hilton Honors Approval🎉👍

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