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AMEX Hilton Honors

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AMEX Hilton Honors

Well it had been a while since I app'ed for anything and I was browsing through my pre-approved offers on AMEX. I saw that I was pre-approved for most of them. I pulled the trigger on the Hilton Honors (vanilla). It wasn't an instant approval so I have no idea what the SL but I did recieve the confirmation email. Still waiting for it to show up on my account. 



Exp Fico 9: 642

TU Fico Score 8: 641

Age of Oldest: 8 years (closed was an AU)

AAoA: 2y2m

Inquires: 5/12 | 10/24

Util: 50%

No Derogs and no new CC's opened since June of last year. 

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Re: AMEX Hilton Honors

Congrats on your new Amex Hilton Honors card! Smiley Happy

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Re: AMEX Hilton Honors

Congrats - I use the heck out of my HH cards. The points pile up pretty quickly. Good cards to have with a real use Smiley Happy
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Re: AMEX Hilton Honors

Congrats on the approval!  I use my Hilton plastic like I stole it!

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Re: AMEX Hilton Honors

Congrats on your new card 

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