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AMEX Hilton Honors

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AMEX Hilton Honors

In the past when I've checked to see if I had been pre-approved for AMEX Hilton Honors (or other cards), I'd get the "Your Pre-approved" message and then I'd get the pop up window that said I don't qualify for the SUB offer because of a recent card (I got the cash magnet card back early December and just about a month ago got a 3x credit line increase to $37,500.). Not this time. Said there was a 75k SUB, was pre-approved, I hit submit and got "Your Approved" (5k). Card will be in the mail.

Oh well, didn't really need/want, but at least I wasn't playing around with a card with an AF I don't want to pay. Or would it be detrimental to my CR or relationship with AMEX to cancel it?

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Re: AMEX Hilton Honors

Great card to grab! The Hilton Honors card is worth a good amount, at least to me. With NoAF this is a card I would totally keep for the long haul. If you start staying at Hilton more over the next year and decide the $95 AF is worth it on the Surpass then you can upgrade with no effects on your AAoA or AoYA. Congrats!
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Re: AMEX Hilton Honors

Great get. Love the Hilton line of cards. Pairs especially nice with the 2x pts per stay promos they do. I've raked in points with the Aspire.

Congrats again!
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Re: AMEX Hilton Honors

I just checked out the pre-approved Hilton Aspire offer of 150,000 tonight.


Its a ton of points but the problem with redeeming points for hotels is that you are not earning them. For most of your trips paying for hotel rooms is your #1 earning opportunity.


Let's say you take that 150,000 bonus and redeem it for rooms that are 7,500 a night (20 total nights). If you were to buy those same 20 nights at $200 dollars a piece with AMEX Gold earning 4% that is 16,000 points you are missing out on, not to mention another 16,000 avios (%4) if buying through 32,000 points that can be deposited in BA and at 9 cents a point could be worth as much as $2800 dollars.

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Re: AMEX Hilton Honors

Congratulations on your approval!
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Re: AMEX Hilton Honors

Congrats, I love my Hilton cards. I will put forward that if you use it as a regular spend card, the Surpass and its higher earnings on points may be worth the fee.

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Re: AMEX Hilton Honors


Congrats on yur approval!


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Re: AMEX Hilton Honors

Congrats on the approval!!  It's a beautiful family to be a part of.

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Re: AMEX Hilton Honors

Congrats on the HH AmEx approval!

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Re: AMEX Hilton Honors

Congrats on your new Amex Hilton Honors card!

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