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AMEX & Chase Approval!

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AMEX & Chase Approval!

Hi All!  I wanted to just post a note of thanks to these boards.  I have learned so much.  As someone wise said (can't remember who), when you want something, find someone who knows a heck of alot and master what they already know!

My story.. I declared ch7 BK in 2010 due to poor decisions and a now ended marriage. After coming back home in 2012 I continued to wait out the BK and then after being able to secure a good mortgage in 2015, where I had used the myFico site to confirm that I could be pre-approved and then noticed these wonderful forums.  It was at this time, that I started the process of really educating myself on finances & FICO.

After paying off the cards I have had since 2015 (but still paying min or more bec to these forums!), due to a nice work bonus, my score jumped to 724 across all the CRBs.  And this week I was approved for an AMEX BCE, PRG and Chase Freedom.  I had to recon the Chase and talked with nice person on the fico backdoor #.

I thought it wouldn't be until after 2020 when the BK was removed that I could even consider applying.  But I will be well on my way to upper 700's by that time.

I had a unplanned plumbing issue that ended up not getting covered by ins so the nice increase in UT from BCE (9.8k) and Chase (3k) will offset the balance I will have to carry for a few months.  Everything makes sense once you study & apply these lessons.  I will protect these cards/my financial profile for the rest of my life!

Just wanted to say thank-you thank-you for donating your time to tell your stories and share your expertise!

Already having my 18yr son balance the checkbook & updating my fico tracking xls to gain some knowlege!!  It's all about habits!


BK Filed 4/10, DC 8/10
Starting: 10/22/15: 663 EQ, 652 TU, 682 EX
Current: 04/15/17: 712 EQ, 724 TU, 716 EX
Gardening until Dec. '19.
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Re: AMEX & Chase Approval!

Congratulations on your approvals!

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Re: AMEX & Chase Approval!

Congrats on your approvals!
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Re: AMEX & Chase Approval!


CapOne QS1 $1.2k | Chase Freedom $3.5k | Discover $2.9k | Amex Everyday $3k | Amex PRG | Amazon Store $6k | Barclays Apple Rewards $2.9k | Regions Life $2.5k | Lexus Pursuits $3.3k | PayPal MC $8k | CSP $5k | WF CashWise $2k
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