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AMEX + more after BK!

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Re: AMEX + more after BK!

congrats! when was your BK discharge? Did you burn amex?

BK-CH7 DC-2/14
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Capital One Venture CL $5500
Capital One Quicksilver CL $3000
Amex Blue (Authorized User) CL $2000 (pre Bankruptcy, Still have)
Amex Blue Cash (Authorized User) CL $4200
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Re: AMEX + more after BK!

Thanks! My BK discharged in 2011, so I'm 5 years in and I did not have Amex prior to BK.
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Re: AMEX + more after BK!

Congrats. Love to read happy BK stories.

I was also young and stupid but it did spur me towards being a lot more financially responsible.

BK in January 2008---Barclay's Apple Financing Card ($10,000) --- Capital One Quicksilver ($13,000)--- Platinum Delta Skymiles ($35,000) --- GEMB CareCredit ($10,000) --- AUFCU ($10000)---Discover IT ($33,000)

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Re: AMEX + more after BK!



Congrats !!  



How old was your ch 7 bk tradeline when you got approved for the Amex?


Mine was about 6 yrs old when they denied me, twice


It is now 7 years old...if you got approved when yours was 7 years old, I might wait until 7.5 and try again



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Re: AMEX + more after BK!

I was 5 years into my discharged BK when I went for Amex and was approved. I had flawless credit history since BK and had an auto loan w/capital one and two credit cards w/capital one within those 5 years that were in good standing. I'm clueless as to why they approve some and deny others but it seems it wasn't due to the length of time out of a BK. Smiley Happy

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Re: AMEX + more after BK!



Yes that is a mystery to me, too.  So at 5 years out you did still have all the negative accounts on your CR, as I did



I just got off the phone from them, the denial reasons the lady read me were:



-Judgement or collection on file (I had the ch 7 bk tradeline and all my negative accounts associated when I applied, like you did)

-Length of time accounts have been established (my oldest account was 6 years old)..opened two months after bk discharge

-Balances in relation to credit limits too high (this I am going to fix)



None the less Congrats to you...this gives me a lot of hope to reapply again.



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Re: AMEX + more after BK!

Amex starting lines were based on minimum starting product limit for Amex. All of the non reserve/preferred limits can go as low as $500. Preferred is $5000+ similar to visa signature, can't get one under.

Citi TY MC (AU) $30,000 |Hilton Amex (AU) $30,000|USAA CR Amex $28,000 |Chase United $22,000|Nordstrom VS $25,000
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NFCU Flagship $19,800 |State Farm Visa $4,000 | Marvel MC $10,000| NFCU LOC $15,000| Wells Fargo 360 Amex $9,500| Citi AA $9,000| Huntington $6,500| BCU loc $25,000| Cap1 savor $10,000| PenFed Amex $7,500

Total Credit line $421,000 | FICO as of 8/3/2019 TU 730 |EQ 699 |EX 697| UTI 2%
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Re: AMEX + more after BK!

I'm surprised you didn't get a Discover but got not 1 but 2 Amex? Wow, nice job.
BK Discharged 9/11

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Re: AMEX + more after BK!

Congrats, OP!
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Re: AMEX + more after BK!

Amex after bk, wow!!


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