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ANOTHER ONE!!! Store Card Approval!

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ANOTHER ONE!!! Store Card Approval!

This is month has been INSANE! The DW has only been denied once this month and that was for the AMEX BCE (SP, so no biggie lol). At least 7-10 new lines of credit. In my last post I mentioned she wanted to always get the Amazon CC (any of them would be fine) because she/we have a healthy amount of spend through the site. At least 700-1K a month. 

I personally told her she should hold off casue I didnt think she would get it (thought they were all backed by Chase) and she WWAAYYY over 5/24 but we were buying a water cooler and she said we might as well go for it. Added a few things to the cart and just so happen a popup tab said "hey apply for the Amazon store card". Put in the info and 30 seconds later BAM! Approved for $1500.


I feel guilty cause I told you guys I was going to the garden....this is quite honestly the LAST ccfor a long while. All of our credit basis are covered with some sort of cc from everyday spending, travel, points, cashback, charge card and hotels. Feels good when an app spree comes to an end with essentailly every card that you went for. 


I now walk off into the sunset whislting "Que será, será" - LOL

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Re: ANOTHER ONE!!! Store Card Approval!


awesome congratulations GIF by Slanted Studios



CONGRATS  and DW on her Amazon Store Card approval and the Very Nice SL - That's how it's DONE!!!

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Re: ANOTHER ONE!!! Store Card Approval!

Congratulations! Just got the Amazon store card for my husband and the 5% cash back is awesome!

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Re: ANOTHER ONE!!! Store Card Approval!

Congrats on the Amazon card! Not a bad SL either

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