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Accept Discover CLI or wait for auto?

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Re: Accept Discover CLI or wait for auto?

@Homemaker wrote:

I only have 3 credit cards and the oldest is a Cap 1 from May. I got this Discover It in September with a CL 6200. My third statement cut last night, so I hit the CLI Button just now and they approved $1500. I was afraid that if I didn't take it, they may lower the offer next time, but I canceled it anyway. I just couldn't decide whether I should wait to see if they do an auto and then hit the button after the auto? $1500 sound about right on a 6200 limit?


It's better than Cap1, I'll tell you that.   

ive had mine 2-3 years and cant get CLI lol congrats

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Re: Accept Discover CLI or wait for auto?

Congrats on the CLI. That's awesome. So (if I'm reading it correctly) you got an auto and a requested CLI one at the same time? That's awesome either way. Discover is a great card. In 30 days I'm gonna share my 9 month Discover story with everyone. Just use it a lot and take care of it and in a few days after your 6th statement, hit the Luv button again. They'll take care of you!
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Re: Accept Discover CLI or wait for auto?

Ficopath: Thanks! I think Disco likes my thin file and I use them most.


ICY: Yes. I requested a cli the day after my 3rd statement cut and was approved for $1500 and accepted it. But apparently Disco was already in the process of raising it by $1600. They did that either the same day or next day, and their auto CLI superceded the one I requested. So I went up $1600 from my original CL. I would be happy either way, but getting it auto was a good feeling.

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