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Alaska Airlines Approval

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Alaska Airlines Approval

I've been thinking about this card for a wild ,5 months ago I finally got in with Bank of America after a long credit rebuild started with them with a MasterCard SL 2500.00 last month the CLI  showed on my account so I went ahead and double to 5000.00 soft pull.

so tonight I figure let's give a shot and see what happens bingo approved for 18000.00 almost dropped of my chair.

that is the second biggest SL in my credit history, my top is Venture from Capone for 24900.00.

A few days ago in my Marbel went from 8000.00 to 15000.

my overall credit line now stands at 250000.00 ,started after rebuild and divorce with Capone at 5500.00 back in 2011 to this now.

Utilzation at 7% now 

i have some collections paid off and ready to fall off from my divorce

credit scores Fico 8

TU 758

Eq 702

Exp 680

Not sure what they pulled yet no alert as of now 

inquires as of now 

TU 22

Eq 30

Ex- 43 

about 6 of each last 6 months 

hope that helps

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Re: Alaska Airlines Approval

Very nice approval.. Enjoy the card!  They would of pulled Experian 99% chance just a FYI.  Which is intersting as it is your lowest score..  They certainly liked something about your profile Smiley Happy

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Re: Alaska Airlines Approval

Wow , 18,000 reasons to love BoaSmiley Happy
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Re: Alaska Airlines Approval

Wow!!!! Fyi...Alaska is on my bucket list....let me know when to pack! 😊

Got some pruning to do... No more new cards!
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Re: Alaska Airlines Approval

Congratulations and welcome to the Alaska Airlines family! I love this card Smiley Happy

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Re: Alaska Airlines Approval

Congratulations! Great CL!

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Re: Alaska Airlines Approval

Great card! Congrats!
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Re: Alaska Airlines Approval

Congratulations on you Alaxka Airlines approval!

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Re: Alaska Airlines Approval

Congrats !!

I guess BoA isnt inquiry sensitive

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Re: Alaska Airlines Approval

It's 3 days later and still no hard inquiry from Bank of America.

checked all my credit reports and nothing .

i know that a few days ago they updated my Fico on the site and was 758 TU 

Unsure if they used the same inquiry from 4 months ago when they approved me for the cash rewards card or they soft pull me.

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