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Alliant CU Approved for $30,000

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Re: Alliant CU Approved for $30,000

Thanks Mahraja for these data points! And again congrats!

Starting FICO08 Scores 2016 All in the mid 500’s
Current FICO08 Scores Jan 2021 (TU 776) (EQ 773) (EXP 760)
$700k+ Tradelines in progress
Gardening Reset: February 2022
“The credit is no longer bruised, it has endured the test of time” (formally know as bruisedcredit)
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Re: Alliant CU Approved for $30,000

Congrats on the nice approval!


2.5% flat cash back seems pretty good. Isn't that sort of high compared to other "flat rate rewards" cards?


Anyone know where I can find my FICO 9 score for free?


AmEx FICO 8: EX [714] | Discover Scorecard FICO: EX [719]


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