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Alliant CU Platinum Approval

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Alliant CU Platinum Approval

EDIT: Long post, I know. Trying to assist other members & also perhaps get some insight on my own situation.


As I'm rebuilding and padding my utilization, I decided to go for my sole "low APR" card, though I have never carried a balance before. I never intend to, but I want a fixed APR card that can be used for large household upgrades, like furniture. The only card I have a balance on (every other card in my sig is $0) is my Merrill+ for welcome bonus, and I plan to PIF the $1K in charges on Friday. 


I've read so many conflicting reviews about Alliant CU -- them being inquiry sensitive, new account sensitive -- not for me. I applied, went to pending, app status disappeared, then I messaged them and heard back within 12 hours. Approved for $2.5K SL, woo! Just opened my no-deposit-down savings account via charity donation yesterday. My scores are not super-prime (not even prime, really, but not awful either), and I have tons of inquiries (~20-22 on each bureau in last 2 years) and almost all of my accounts are within the last 6 months. 


The card is not showing on the site yet, despite an approval message with my SL, not APR, through the messaging center. How long does it take to show in my account, so I can see the APR?  I don't plan on using this card unless I have a major purchase, and likely hardly at all until I see a significant CLI so as not to drastically affect my UTL. Probably just basic monthly charges to show them I can pay a bill Smiley Very Happy


Know what's funny? I'm looking for a decent MasterCard rewards card (only have Visas, Amex & Discover since closing my Cap1), SyncB denied me for Marvel and PayPal MC (today, what the heck?) over the last 6 months.... and somehow I make it into Alliant? My profile must be all types of weird


I really need to garden. It seems to elude me as I'm always just about to get my bronze spade, or close to it; I'm sure I'd be 700+ by the end of the year if I stuck to a gardening plan.  


Data points:

TU HP in midwest... score 689. Not sure which FICO scoring method (FICO 8, 9) yet.

Income: $62,500

Revolving debt UTIL: 1% over 30K TCL.

AAoA: 26 months

Some bad baddies from 3-4 years ago (120+ day late on my student loans, then default -- since rehabbed through DOE and currently Paid As Agreed)

Highest CL: $10K (Merrill+ VS)

Am I missing anything? Let me know and I'll provide the info. Very transparent with all my friends here on MyFICO -- best subscription I've ever paid for, especially during my rebuild. 

What I use (& strongly recommend): Chase Sapphire Reserve | BofA/ML (Premium Rewards VS, Cash Rewards VS, Merrill+ VS) | AmEx (Amazon Prime Business)

What I have: NFCU | PenFed | General Electric CU | Wright Patt CU | Discover | BBVA | Apple Card (GS)

Total CL with Bank of America = $100,000 (Platinum Honors Merrill Client)

EQ 699, EX 749, TU 728 (5/13/2021)

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Re: Alliant CU Platinum Approval

Nice goingSmiley Happy
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Re: Alliant CU Platinum Approval

Thanks for the info! CongratsSmiley Happy

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Re: Alliant CU Platinum Approval

Credit Union's seem to be a little more sensitive to FICO numbers except NFCU. lOL


Congrats! on the new Alliant card approval.

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Re: Alliant CU Platinum Approval

Congrats! They are on my list in aout a week so these data points are very helpful!

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Re: Alliant CU Platinum Approval

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Re: Alliant CU Platinum Approval

One note... Your very unlikely to see an Auto-CLI with Alliant...  When you want one, its going to be a phone call and an HP....

I'd consider waiting at least 6 months to a year, then perhaps take the HP for it..



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Re: Alliant CU Platinum Approval

Also if you want a discover. id move it nearer to the front of the to get list.... they seem to get a little jealous when you start having more than a few cards... Consider them and some flavor of amex (revolver) next.... then go for more V/MC's .... Also think of signing up for discovers Credit Scorecard... it will give you an additional free FICO score... regardless of other services your using... BUT will also put you on their radar..... Some folks.. (myself included).. only got one HP to app vs the two... since Disco already has your FICO from the scorecard pull... So its possibly one less HP to get their card ... Just something to keep in mind.. 

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