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Alright one last SCT... Frontgate (+ SCT totals)

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Alright one last SCT... Frontgate (+ SCT totals)

Really need to stop here, the justification of needing util padding is going to wear thin with too many young accounts and average age affected (though I am 20-30 yrs previously on all bureaus).

BUT. It is very satisfying to have my highest limits plunked in front of me with no HP, average income, "fair" scores.

So today was Frontgate for $3000. Yeah Comenity.

Past 2 weeks, Comenity has approved 3300+3300+800+1600(Visa-SP) + 3000 = 12,000.

On this last Frontgate, Sportsman Visa, and also J Crew, initial CLI was 7-10 days, so not trying any more CLI for a while. They've been more than generous. Made a small purchase on both Wayfair and Overstock. Pushed $5 from my bank to J Crew since I won't shop there for a while.

Think I'm done for a while, and it was a good run. Smiley Happy

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