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Alternate Amazon Card: AFCU Visa ($12,300)


Re: Alternate Amazon Card: AFCU Visa ($12,300)

@KLEXH25 awesome! I didn't see the 10% rate for 4th quarter me tioned on page.


I migh5 have to get this!! $3500 a month is not bad, and your starting limit is great. Cheers 

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Re: Alternate Amazon Card: AFCU Visa ($12,300)

Congrats on your approval!

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Re: Alternate Amazon Card: AFCU Visa ($12,300)

Congrats.  This has been on my list for a while.  It will be a target this Spring (or sooner depending on EX EE etc.)


They also have a great Secured Card for those looking.  It was a no HP card a couple years ago.  They would not let me in a couple years ago do to identity issues but it seems like a very good CU.

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Re: Alternate Amazon Card: AFCU Visa ($12,300)

@Amberla wrote:

You inspired me to apply for this card. Weird how their application process works. In their application status portal is says approved and completed but when I chat with them they say it's still under review. So I wait....

Yeah it took a few days to hear back from them and know my SL. Good luck @Amberla 

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