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AmEx BCE ($150 bonus) Approval and Walmart CLI

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AmEx BCE ($150 bonus) Approval and Walmart CLI

After getting divorced about a year and a half ago, the road to having good credit once again has been a long one (I'm almost there!) and having an AmEx in my fleet of plastic has always been something I've wanted.


Yesterday, more or less on a whim, I jumped through the pre-approve hoop on their Web site without a mail offer and was offered a few choices (Delta, BCE, and EDC). I chose the BCE because while my main goal was to move some stupid interest rate balance (22% and 24% respectively) off my Citi Prefered and partly off myBarclay Rewards, I'd like to use it and get kickbacks in the future. 


I was approved(!!) for $2,000 (with $150 bonus) and requested the max balance transfer ($1500). It'll clean off my Preferred card completely and half of what's left on my Barclay card. I'm stoked Smiley Happy 


My FAKOs are 668 and 670 (TU & EX) and FICO 8 EX is 688. I'm at 32% Util and AAoA is ~4 years. 


The only bummer in this whole situation is when I logged in to CreditKarma for something else, I saw the better BCE Preferred offer staring right in my face with a "Very good" odds. Oh well. 🤷🏼‍♂️


TODAY, after staring at my WalMart store card statement thinking to myself that their recent balance chase from $500 to $380 (I picked it up when I had mid-5s for a score set) was a bit of a d!ck move so for kicks I requested a CLI from them (a bump to $2,500 total) and whaddaya know, they accepted it. Now I'm wondering if I should have aimed higher. $2,500 seemed like a stretch given the recent balance chase and Synchrony Bank being more bipolar than most based on my past experiences with them. 

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Re: AmEx BCE ($150 bonus) Approval and Walmart CLI



Those CK offer approval odds aren't 100%. Got approved for AmEX BCE and checked CK couple days later. Had that one at "Fair". Smiley Frustrated


Also, if you were curious, I got my $150 welcome bonus 2 days after hitting the $1,000 mark.

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Re: AmEx BCE ($150 bonus) Approval and Walmart CLI

You did good. Congrats!

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Re: AmEx BCE ($150 bonus) Approval and Walmart CLI

That's great move.


Congrats on your rebuild, as well as your shiney new card!!  Welcome back!!



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Re: AmEx BCE ($150 bonus) Approval and Walmart CLI

Well done. Enjoy your new Amex!

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