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AmEx BCE Targeted $250 Bonus Offer Approved!

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Re: AmEx BCE Targeted $250 Bonus Offer Approved!

I wonder if I would have any success calling into Amex customer service and requesting this $250 cash back deal before I apply. What do you guys think? Do I sound as crazy as I think I sound? This would never happen, right...?

In My Wallet: Amex BCP (12/12) $50,000, Chase Freedom (12/12) $16,500, Cap1 Quicksilver (6/12) $14,000, Barclaycard Rewards (5/13) $10,500, Citi Prestige (4/16) $30,000

Last App: June 27, 2015
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Re: AmEx BCE Targeted $250 Bonus Offer Approved!

I got same RSVP code but applied without code (letter was at home) and bumppp rewards is $100 and try call back doors nothing works just said no now thinking not activate the card and reapply with rsvp


This is insane o tought that reward was fixed reward and why its not follow your SSN Smiley Sad


good cc good limit 13.5k but not happy with loose of rewards

BOFA Master 5k# BOFA Visa 15k flex#Amex BCE 13.5k#chase freedom 5k#capital one $2000 2009#HSBC 1k closed 2009 (those guys kidding with limits)

FICO (lenders pull)scores 739 - 742 - 730 October 2012#length of history from Jan/2008
Business account###Capital one spark 2k
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