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AmEx Blue Cash Everyday approved 10,000 SL

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Re: AmEx Blue Cash Everyday approved 10,000 SL

@Talonwildstar wrote:

Should I wait the 61 days I have read here in multiple spots to try yet as soon as card arrives? Very confusing lolSmiley Happy

No, those are false things you've read.  Your first CLI opportunity on your new Amex card is at 61 days.  Read through the unofficial Amex 3X CLI thread when you have time, as everything you could ever want to know is covered in there.  At 61 days, request $30k with them and you'll get an instant decision online.

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Re: AmEx Blue Cash Everyday approved 10,000 SL

Thank you for responding!

AmEx BCE 20k
BBVA visa 10k
Synchrony 2% MC 6.2k
LLBean Citi MC 6k
PNC points visa 5.1k
CapOne QS1. 1.5k
Citi DC. 2.25k
Discover it. 2.5k
Am Ex Gold
Kohl’s. $2.5k
Amazon Store. 6k
Overstock. 13.6k
Boscovs. 14k
Best Buy S.C. 2k
Home Depot 2k
Total CL. 91,150k
PNC personal loan 7500 down to 7350
oldest credit 2yr 1month, newest today!
* 3% card utilization 

As of 11/1/18

As of 11/1/19
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