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Amazon CLI

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Amazon CLI

I just posted about some CLIs yesterday ( I've been watching my Chase Amazon Visa Signature for a while since I started seeing a lot of auto increases for others. Maybe having my other cards increase triggered something in their system because I just got an auto CLI on my amazon card late last night! 

$6,200 -> $11,000

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Re: Amazon CLI

When it rains it pours! Congrats!

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Re: Amazon CLI

I'm still waiting for a drizzle 😞 I've had mine 10 months now, so I'm hoping they increase it in January. For some reason Chase trusts me with their lowest APRs (for the personal cards at least)... but also generally their lowest SLs.

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Re: Amazon CLI

Congrats on the increase!

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Re: Amazon CLI

Congrats on your CLI!

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Re: Amazon CLI

Congrats on your Chase Auto-CLI    .. I am sure I will be last in line to get one, and then it would probably be $100Smiley Tongue

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Re: Amazon CLI

Grats on your Amazon move up too Smiley Happy

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Re: Amazon CLI

Congratulations on your Amazon auto-CLI!

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Re: Amazon CLI

Congrats on your Chase Amazon auto-CLI!

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Re: Amazon CLI

Congrats on your Amazon increase 👍🏼

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